Mistakes to avoid when choosing fitness professional

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Fitness Professional

So you have finally understood the importance of being fit and healthy, and now you want to work on your goals. But you can’t just achieve the results without proper guidance. This is why it is necessary to look for trainers because it is the only way you can workout without flaws. But before you hire anyone, make sure that you avoid these 10 mistakes when choosing a fitness professional.

1. Hiring an Uneducated Trainer

Uneducated professional fitness trainer

First things first, never hire a trainer that lacks physical education background. The reason why this is important is that because a trainer with a college degree in nutrition or exercise science can help you in developing a better diet plan and will always help you with the proper exercises, which would be according to your body type. Make sure to do a background check on your fitness professional before hiring him or her. You can avoid all that by downloading the GoXtraFit mobile application to assist you in searching fitness professionals by specialties & hire a top-rated fitness professional within minutes, who you can go to or have him come to you!

2. Not Asking for Credentials


Can you get a job by verbally describing your academic achievements and work experience? Of course not! The employers would demand some physical evidence of all your accomplishments. So how can you hire a fitness professional without seeing his or her certifications? Just don’t trust their sweet-talking skills. And confidently ask them to show the proofs of their success because you surely don’t want to waste your time and money on some so-called fitness instructors.

3. Going for Trainers Who have Too Many Clients

Fitness professional trainer with too many clients

Fitness professionals are usually found crawling with a list of clients, and undoubtedly, it’s a great way to judge their demand because it showcases their training qualities. So, more clients mean that the trainer is skilled. But on the other hand, it can be a negative characteristic. Remember, fitness instructors with plenty of clients might be unable to give proper training. So, avoid hiring trainers who have a long list of trainees.

4. Careless Trainers

Careless fitness professional trainer

How would you feel if you are exercising your tail off without being noticed by your trainer? You will, for sure, go bonkers because your instructor won’t be there to rectify your workout mistakes, even though he or she will be physically present on the spot. Many people complain that their trainers don’t pay any heed when they exercise, and all they do is kill time on social media or cellphones. So it’s better to have a frank discussion about the DOs and DONTs before you finally choose a fitness professional. And never make a mistake of hiring an inattentive guru because that would be worthless.

5. Who are Full of Ego

Fitness professional with ego

Never hire a fitness trainer who has ego issues. If you will, then you will never be able to ask anything. You will feel uncomfortable, unenergetic, demoralized, and scared in your trainer’s presence. This will bring nothing but inconsistency in your training, and soon you will quit.

6. Choosing a Trainer Who Has Similar Exercises for All

fitness professional trainer with similar exercises

There are many instructors who believe that if some exercise has given them results, then it will also work on all their clients. Such instructors would try to impress you by showing off their practical accomplishments, but don’t fall in their trap. And keep in mind that a good fitness professional will always have different ways to treat different body types.

7. Being Impressed by a Trainer Who Doesn’t Even Know How to Prevent Injuries

uneducated fitness professional who doesn't know how to prevent injury

One of the reasons why you should hire a trainer is to avoid your body from getting serious physical injuries. But if the trainer you are planning to choose has no idea about how to deal or prevent damages due to heavy exercises, then what’s the advantage of hiring him or her?

8. Selecting a Fitness Professional without Liability Insurance

Fitness Professional without Liability Insurance

Many experienced health instructors work as sole contractors and are not affiliated with any gym or fitness club. So, if your trainer falls in the same category, then make sure he or she holds a liability insurance policy.

9. Paying for an Extremely Low-Cost Trainer

Low cost fitness professional trainer

It’s alright if you cannot pay thousands of bucks on your training sessions because you can always find great fitness professionals within your budget. However, if you think that going for an excessively inexpensive trainer would be advantageous, then you are thinking wrong. Don’t forget that if you will pay peanuts, you will get monkeys.

10. Picking a Trainer without Asking for References

picking fitness professional trainer without reference

Before you finally choose a fitness mentor, make sure you ask for phone numbers, testimonials, and names of other clients with whom he or she has worked in the past. It will help you in knowing your trainer’s attitude, experience, and behavior, as you would be able to check his or her background. In case the trainer fails to provide all these details, then find someone else who wouldn’t.

Many people make faults in finding the right fitness professional and they face problems later. The most common mistakes they make are the ones that are mentioned to provide guidance, so you can immediately back off, in case you are about to make any blunder.


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