Workout at home vs gym

Workout at Home vs. Gym

Sitting on your couch and wondering whether to workout at home or get a gym’s membership won’t magically burn any calories or make you muscular. So before the hot iron gets cold and you begin to wiggle on your fitness decision, it’s better to quickly confirm your workout place.

Nobody can stop you from joining a gym or exercising at home, so it’s up to you to choose a place where you are comfortable when it comes to training. However, both places have their pros and cons. So, here are a few but crucial benefits and snags about exercising at home vs. gym.

Workout at Gym – Pros

1. Unlimited Possibilities

gym equipment workout at gym pro

When you choose a gym for exercising, you actually select a place that is full of necessary training equipment. From a treadmill, stairclimber, elliptical, rowing machine to bands, cable machines, and free weights, everything is so shoulder-to-shoulder.

2. Motivation

motivation fitness professional workout at gym pro

Your soul gets highly motivated even when you think of going to the gym. Buying new athleisure outfits, keeping track of your daily workout, and finally hitting the gym makes you feel alive and emotionally hydrated. Moreover, you get all the positive vibes when you see other people working hard to achieve their goals, which ultimately helps you to accomplish your fitness targets.

3. Concentration

more concentration workout at gym pro

When you are at the gym, you just focus on your workout. There are no kids to feed and no pets to treat. So the place has no distraction and no major interruptions, which is helps perform correct exercises with all your concentration.

Workout at Gym – Cons

a. Additional Expenses

additional expenses workout at gym con

No matter how big or small your gym is, you will have to bear the membership cost. Some elite-class gyms may cost you around $100 or more per month, whereas, an economical gym membership can be as low as $10. This surely compels you to add another expense to your budget. Consider downloading the GoXtraFit mobile app to help you finding fitness professionals within your budget.

b. Time Consuming

time consuming workout at gym con

Working out in a gym could be time-consuming. You need to pack your gym bag, fill your water bottle, get dressed in your gym clothes, and you might need to drive for several minutes to reach your destination.

c. The Crowd

crowd workout at gym con

Joining a gym means managing with other members’ sweats, loud voices, strong colognes, and unavailability of weights. And most of the time, you have to wait for the machines to get vacant to get your turn.

Workout at Home – Pros

1. Cost-Saving

cost saving workout at home pro

Exercising at home saves your monthly membership fee. Also, you don’t have to shop for any new gym clothes from time to time. So bingo! You can save some bucks.

2. Flexibility

flexibility workout at home pro

Your daily schedule is not disturbed when you choose to do a workout at home. No need to pack your bags, change your clothes, and drive miles away from home. Also, you can exercise at any time.

3. Privacy

privacy workout at home pro

Privacy is the best advantage of working out at home. You are saved from experiencing unwanted stares and dealing with strangers, which is next to impossible when you opt for a gym.

Workout at Home – Cons

a. Laziness

laziness workout at home con

When you choose to workout at home, you find yourself lazy after a few days. This brings inconsistency in your fitness routine and you end up leaving your daily exercises. And even if you try to get your game together, you always find excuses to quit.

However, this can easily be overcome by hiring a fitness professional to come to your home through the GoXtraFit mobile application.

b. Lack of Interest

lack of interest workout at home con


Exercising within the boundaries of your home could be very boring. There is no entertainment or distraction (sometimes little distraction can be good because it keeps you engaged). This is why many people get frustrated and stop working out at home.

c. Insufficient Space

insufficient space workout at home con

Home is home. You can’t change its design just for the sake of space, which is indeed required to keep workout equipment such as, treadmill, extension bars, machine fly, etc.

Whether you want to workout at home or the gym, you will always find advantages and disadvantages. What’s more important here is the need for true dedication and commitment that no matter what happens, you will never go a day without exercising.


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